From July-September 2021, SCI in partnership with two organizations DoArt and People in Focus implemented the “Tirana Cycle Project”, part of the Artivist Stafete program funded by the EU. This project was a creative and innovative alliance that aimed to empower Albanian civil society organizations and young people in their path to change and create social awareness of human rights, diversity, and gender equality through the arts.  The aim of the project was to train young people in podcast making, filmmaking, graffiti, storytelling, and photography so they can use their voices to bring awareness through art.

The only LGBTI+ shelter in Tirana, Podcast in Albanian



LGBTI+ in Albania, Podcast in Albanian

From May 2017 – January 2018, SCI implemented the project “Improving the quality of life of poor and unemployed women and their contribution to the family and in the community”. The project worked with poor and unemployed women and girls, municipal institutions, and CSOs in seven municipalities of the Gjirokastra district. On the framework of this project, SCI produced 4 podcasts with useful information on women’s legal rights related to marriage with SCI’s legal expert Vjollca Mecaj and key information on women’s health issues with Dr. Albana Fico.

Legal education 1, Podcast in Albanian

Legal education 2, Podcast in Albanian

Health education 1, Podcast in Albanian

Health education 2, Podcast in Albanian