The Social Contract Institute (SCI) is a nonprofit organization registered in Albania, established in July 2015 by a group of experienced Albanian experts and the US-based East-West Management Institute (EWMI). SCI contributes to the strengthening of democratic practices and institutions through:

1. Civic engagement,

2. Participation in the development and implementation of policies at the central and local levels,

3. Promotion of regional cooperation for sustainable development based on fairness and equal opportunities.

We believe in our mission and approach to promoting practices, programs, and progressive policies. SCI is committed to gender equality and social support and pays special attention to the engagement of young people, women, and girls. SCI ensures that these elements are always part of its policy and initiatives.

SCI has a wide list of experts and professionals from different fields who engage in the realization of various activities and projects. Also, SCI is co-founded by EWMI (East-West Management Institute – USA), which contributes consistently to its organizational and programmatic development. SCI has broad cooperation with partner organizations and donors and participates in reciprocal activities realized in partnerships or networks.

SCI is led by a Board of Directors who is committed to the organization and has outstanding expertise and professional staff in fulfilling the organization’s mission.