SCI initiated this project as a follow up of the project “Improved Awarding and Implementation of Alter­native Sentences,” supported by and EU-funded program, SCI identified sev­eral concerns regarding the implementa­tion of the existing Probation Services legal framework in Albania. “Alternative Sentences- Alter­native for a Better Life” aims to give to the relevant stakeholders a reference book (Manual) for a proper implementation of the law, and equip them with knowledge and skills for a more effective practical implementation of the Albanian legal framework.
SCI will produce 10 podcasts that will be distributed through radio and online platforms in a series entitled “Talking about Men and Women” focusing on relationships between men and women in Albania, based on real life stories. The aim of this project is to highlight the cases where men and women cooper­ate together by showing good examples to be followed in order to have a fairer and more equal society in the future. The series also address hidden gender ste­reotypes and promote good examples of equal partnerships between men and women in professional and private lives in Albania.
SCI started the implementation of the project “The Young Guides” targeting 7 municipalities of Gjirokastra region and aims to enrich tourist resources of Gjirokastra through youth engagement. SCI will select 25 young people and train them to be tourist guides for the municipalities/villages where they live. SCI will create an inventory of tourist resources in Gjirokastra and based on those materials will prepare two new itineraries-Antigonea and Peshtan destinations. Young Guides will also be promoted by sharing their information in all the hotels, restaurants and other tourist spots in Gjirokastra.
This project aims to create a more con­ductive environment for youth initiatives in Albania through the power of positive role models and the power of youth led initiatives. It will be implemented in Ti­rana, Korca, Gjirokaster, Fier, and Durres regions. SCI will produce 10 video mes­sages by representatives of vulnerable communities as a way to motivate them by showing positive success stories of the people coming from the same tar­get group. Also, the target group is very diverse compound by people with dis­abilities, migration returnees, minorities, women, etc.
“New Green” will be implemented in Tirana, Shijak and Lushnje. This project aims to increase the involvement of youth in agriculture sector by training them on raising their capacities to access the labor market in agriculture. 50 young people who will be selected will benefit a set of skills and knowledge related to access to employment, self-employment and also get trained on how to create a new business in agriculture. 20 youngsters will be part of a one-month internship near agricultural businesses, offering them a chance to have a hands-on practice and mentoring them to be involved in the agriculture business as employees or starting their own business.