Improved Awarding and Implementation of Alternative Sentences


International best practices and relevant studies prove that alternative sentences are an effective approach to reduce the incidence of crime and improve the reintegration of light offenders and those serving a judicial sentence into society for the first time.

During April 2018 – April 2019, SCI implemented the project that will contribute in the improved quantity and quality of alternative sentences awarded by the courts and monitored by PbS offices in project’s target areas and beyond (Tropoja, Dibra, Kruja, Përmet, Pogradec and Saranda); and enhanced opportunities for first-time and low risk offenders to have their rights respected and to reintegrate in a life away from crime.  For the project implementation, SCI engaged a group of postgraduate students from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, who worked under the leadership of Ms. Vjollca Meçaj, a prominent legal expert and former member of the Constitutional Court. From the assessment of about 140 court decisions containing alternative sentences given by 6 district courts part of the project, and interviews conducted with the actors involved in the process the staff of the project drafted a report with findings and recommendations in relation to Probation Service in Albania.